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Mexican D1 Rugby Has a New Multi-National Contender

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Teams from both sides of the border come together to drive growth of the rugby community in the region.

First home game in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. The team had a Polo field adapted for them to host this match in excellence.

Borderland United Rugby Club is a team that brings together dedicated individuals from different countries, cultures, languages and rugby experience to participate in the National Mexican D1 tournament.

“Borderland United Rugby Club brings together individuals, cultures and breaks borders through rugby. Our purpose is to drive growth of the community on both sides of the border " Sam Cline - Founder of the team”

Breakfast at "El Limoncito" just a few hours before the first match as visitors in the beautiful city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

How the first try at Mexican D1 turned out

The team ended in 3rd place for their region, North Eastern Mexican Rugby, just short 1 point from playoffs. This first try at the league will definitely leave the team wanting classification to national playoffs and with a clear idea of what is expected of them to achieve it.

An eye set on next season

The main purpose for starting the team was support the growth of the small rugby communities in Ciudad Juarez with the expectation to develop a quality team in the Mexican side of the border. The initial requirements for participation represented several obstacles for the Mexican players; primarily: rugby experience and economic requirements. The team leadership will be appointing members dedicated to overcome these obstacles and have a higher percentage of Mexican players on the starting 15.

To learn more about the team please visit their website!

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