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The Landsharks Grow Together!

The Landsharks have been the rugby club of Flagstaff, Arizona since 1978. Players come and go but they remain Sharks forever. These new uniforms represent the history of the team through the ages. Players had to previously wait to become Old Boys to play for the Landsharks Dinosaur team (LSD rugby). However, in 2021 at the Northern Arizona 40th Annual 10's Tournament a second alumni team was created, the Street Sharks. This team aims to keep some of the younger gentlemen connected till they can fully claim their status as an LSD rugger.


The Street Sharks and LSD have arranged for all proceeds from your purchase to help out the college players in their 2024 season. All orders can be picked up at the 42nd Annual Falgstaff Tournament. Just select "Pickup at Training" at checkout!

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