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The credo Story

Credo Rugby Sportswear was born in the El Paso/Juarez area. We are fueled by passion to see fully equipped rugby teams.

Industry knowledge from cutting and sewing automotive airbags has been carefully invested into producing products designed for rugby. Our products compete at the highest level.

The material selection is driven by the demands of the game of rugby, without cutting corners on quality. Renowned teams are trusting in us and we wish to continue serving the rugby community.

The credo Statement

Our customers trust us.

The most important piece of clothing a club will purchase all year is their uniform! Game jerseys are a physical representation of the camaraderie teammates build on and off the pitch. It is a tough, resilient piece of clothing that is custom made, and represents the values, colours and unique history of a rugby community.

Coaches want their team looking and feeling great on the pitch to deliver the best performance. Club officers want rookies to aspire and earn the privilege of wearing the club jersey on game day.

Our customers trust us because we have realized our products have to be - World Class.

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